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Canine University 71 Clinton St Malden MA

Private training, coaching, and behavioral consultations. Mindful of your schedule, individually tailored to your situation and objectives. We are here to help!

The staff at Canine University have decades of experience teaching people and dogs. We have been around since 1992, offering clients the flexible option of working one-on-one with a skilled professional trainer, to help them reach their goal of a well-trained companion. We want to help you reach your goals and enjoy a dog that everyone loves to have around. We know how busy you are; let us help you achieve your goal of a well-behaved dog!

PLEASE NOTE: Payment is due at the time the lesson is scheduled. For your convenience we accept cash, checks or credit cards. Non-card payments can be dropped off directly at our training center or by mail : 71 Clinton Street, Malden, MA 02148.
Cancellation Policy: Because we are a full service training center and have a limited amount of time slots available for private lessons we require 72 hours notice to change or reschedule an appointment. If 72 hrs notice is not given you will be charged for the lesson in full. It is often not possible to fill a pre-reserved time slot on short notice.

Private Behavioral Consultations

Does your dog have a behavior problem that needs training and attention? We know how scary it can be sometimes to love a dog but not love what he is doing. We help you learn the tools you'll need to make your life and your dog's life better. Overcome behavior issues, set goals and enjoy a better behaved companion that people enjoy having around. Life is too short to live with naughty behavior !! Let us help you get things moving in a better direction.

$150/ Initial Consultation at the Training Center

New Puppy Consultation

This puppy primer will get you started by covering topics such as nipping and biting, housebreaking, crate training, chewing, digging, jumping, walking on a leash and any other puppy issues. This a private one on one lesson that will give you the tools you need to start out on the right paw with your pup! You can choose when to book this lesson and you have the option of doing it in the comfort of your own home or for a reduced rate at our training center.

$150/ One Hour appointment at the Training Center

$250/ New Puppy in-home 1 Hour Lesson (limited radius)

Custom Packages

Individually tailored to your situation and objectives. Can be booked days, nights or weekends. Offered as single lessons or as a package of lessons to meet your individual needs.
Start with a single lesson and put the fee toward a larger package of lessons if desired. During the initial lesson we will evaluate your unique situation, make a suggestion of the number of lessons you will need and then get you started toward your goals.

At Canine University

Four 1- Hour Lessons / $650

Eight 1- Hour Lessons / $1,250

On Location

$250/ In the Home or On Location. 1 Hour Lesson (limited radius)

Goal-Specific Packages

What follos are area-specific training packages we have done in the past. Of course, your goals may be somewhat different than what is offered. You may be bringing a new baby into a home with an adult dog that has known no children. Or, they may be bugging out whenever they see a bus on your daily walk. Training sessions are customized to your objectives and your dog.

Feisty Fido Reactive Dogs are our Specialty!

Is your dog aggressive and reactive to other dogs especially when on leash ? Does he lunge and bark at dogs on your walks and put on an embarrassing display? Learn how to get this problem under control so that you can enjoy your walks again. Let us give you the tools for teaching your dog more appropriate on leash manners around other dogs so that you can both enjoy stress free walks.

Wild Child

Do you have one of those dogs that is never tired and is always in trouble. Does he dig, bark, jump, chew and otherwise act like a canine hurricane on a rampage? We can help you get control of your wild child and help you teach him basic manners for living civilly with people. Teach your dog to sit politely for greeting, come when called, stop barking, mouthing and otherwise acting out of control around visitors and family members.

Scaredy Dog

Do you have a shy dog that came from a shelter, rescue or abusive situation? Is it hard to walk your dog because she is afraid of everything? Does your dog have issues with men, women, other dogs, children? Is she afraid to be left alone? We can help you and your dog learn to work together as a team, conquer her fears and learn to cope with the environment that you live in. With time and effort you can give your shy dog the confidence and help she needs to have a good life !!

The Perfect Dog

Don't have time to take a group class ? Prefer to have an individualized program put together to meet your personal goals and needs ? From basic manners like sitting instead of jumping on guests to walking politely on leash we can help you meet the goals you set for yourself and your dog. Want to be able to invite company to the house and have your dog be part of the festivities ? Want to be able to walk your dog off leash and have him come back reliably ? One on one coaching will help you meet these goals and more steering you toward a more rewarding relationship with your dog and making living together a much more joyful experience.

Therapy Dog Preparation

Individualized to meet the needs of your dog and the type of therapy work you wish to explore this intensive program will help you prepare your dog for just about any encounter he will have in his career as a therapy dog. Handler tips and tools will also be covered so that dog and handler become a team and can enjoy many years of visiting together.

Appointments are generally seen at our training center, however in-home and/or off-site sessions can be arranged as needed for an additional fee. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. Cash, checks or credit cards accepted.
We are always happy to discuss the particulars with you via phone @ (781) 324-3722 or email us to get a sense of how we can help.

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