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Canine University 71 Clinton St Malden MA

Group Class Information Sheet/Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to read thru this thoroughly prior to contacting us with questions...thank you

  • Puppy Kindergarten, Beginners Open Enrollment and other group classes can be joined for either 6, 12 or 16-week blocks.
    Good Manners Everywhere! is our advanced course, and each dog's experience is customized to where they need work. Finish the work you started in a beginner class: Dedicate your Energies and Time, save big and realize the dog of your dreams!

  • All courses and workshops are taught using operant conditioning through the use of Clicker Training. Most classes are open enrollment, meaning you can start the week when you are ready

  • Full payment is required with application in order to reserve a place for your dog. We accept credit cards thru Paypal's secure server- no membership is required and we do not charge any separate fee for using your credit or debit card for group classes. You may also pay via cash or check, please make checks payable to Canine University.
    If paying by credit card you will need to fill out a class registration and mail to us, and it's helpful to attach the proof-of-payment email you received from Paypal.
    Should you choose to pay by check, enclose this with your class registration.

    Our mailing address is:
    Physical: Canine University/ 71 Clinton St./ Malden, MA 02148
    E-mail: Mail@CanineUniversity.com

  • NO DOGS at the initial orientation class, this is true for both Beginners and Puppy Kindergarten classes.

  • Shots required to participate in any class or workshop include Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies, and Canine Cough (Bordetella).That said, reach out if your dog is on a different schedule, we are happy to work with modified schedules etc.
    Puppies must have started their vaccinations according to your veterinarian's recommendation. It is fine to start Puppy Kindergarten etc so long as you bring in their shot record as it's updated.
    Adult Dogs should be current on all shots.
  • We do accept titers, and will otherwise work with your dog's modified schedule.
  • A photocopy, which we keep on file, of proof of vaccinations should be supplied with your registrtion...by the first night of class at the latest. The receipt from your veterinarian may serve to indicate what shots you dog is current on, others practices provide a letter or form such as is used for kenneling.

  • Cancellation Policy/Class Makeups: Full refund if notification is received at least 48 hours prior to the start of class. This is true for all Classes, Workshops and Seminars. There are no refunds once the class etc begins, and lack of attendance does not consitiute course withdrawl. If you are unsure if a regularly occcurring course will be right for you or your dog, you can arrange to observe a class in person (without your dog) free of charge or obligation prior to signing up by calling us at (781) 324-3722.

    If you need to miss a class, we allow 2 makeup classes (in advance is best... but stuff happens, we get it), BUT only if arrangement for those make-ups is made with your instructor by e-mail or in person.

  • Anyone who is interested in training the dog is welcome to come to class, but young children should be supervised by someone other than the person training the dog.

  • Canine University's beginner classes (puppy kindergarten & beginner open enrollment) cover the same material and are broken up by ages for reasons of convenience. If your dog is on the border of a few weeks you needn't worry about which class to attend, just sign up for the one convenient to your schedule. The Wednesday evening Beginners Open Enrollment classe has no age restrictions and are can be attended by young pups, adolescents and adult dogs.

  • You should have your dog take a potty break prior to entering the training center, even if they just went before you left the house. There is a small bathroom area for your dog between our building & Cullen Mechanical (on your right when driving in). There is also a grassy area to your left as you first enter the business park from Winter St. Please be considerate of our neighbors and local residents by cleaning up after your dog; there are plenty of baggies just inside our door. We also ask that you be responsible and prevent them from soiling any common areas, doorways, cars, etc.

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