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Doggie Daycare
Commonly Asked Questions

Our Philosophy on Dog Play.....
As trainers first and foremost we have always acknowledged that dogs personalities demand an approach respectful of their individualities. For this reason we do not put large groups of dogs together and prefer instead to custom pick the dogs that play within a group. If the dogs in a group are not benefiting each other behaviorally they donít play together. There is always enough variety to accommodate both the overactive and shy ends of the spectrum, without having to force these upon one another.

How many dogs play together at once?
There may be two or three groups on any given day which are rotated frequently throughout the day. In this way we can take a leadership role in the dynamic of the pack so that no dog is bullying or being bullied. We monitor our groups closely without over interfering in their play to be sure that everyone is having a good experience and no one is overwhelmed.

Why isnít my dog playing all day long?
By rotating the groups we are helping the dogs learn that downtime is a normal part of the day and will be rewarded by more opportunities to play. We also find that downtime in short increments leads to more appropriate play. Dogs learn to get control of their impulses and not be overly rough with their playmates when they have this opportunity. This is the road to healthy social interactions that will build good play skills for life.

What about training and manners?
We take great pride in treating the dogs entrusted to our care as well as we treat our own dogs. We set limits, require good manners (no rushing doors or pulling on leash) and reward good behavior while preventing unwanted behavior. The dogs that come to us are friendly, happy dogs that love to play. We also offer formal training from our certified instructors. We have several training options available see our Daycamp/Day training page for more details.

What will my dogís day be like?
We run our day on a schedule so that the dogs come to know what to expect and when. The day consists of rotated play time and rest time so that the dogs are playful and having fun while they are out and get the opportunity to nap and calm down when it’s not their turn to play. We have found that if you leave the dogs out all day long they tend to get overtired and their “good “ play skills deteriorate. We want their experiences around dogs to be good ones and this allows for the rest time needed to be able to spend the day together.

Where do the dogs potty?
All dogs take an extended break around mid-day, with filtered water, dimmed lights and a chance to recharge. Puppies often have their noontime meal at this time. We then walk all the dogs by hand, one at a time to be sure they have had the opportunity to do their business outdoors.

What if my puppy is young?
Puppies are a specialty of ours and we have put a lot of time and research in learning as much as we can about socializing pups so that they grow into confident adults who can negotiate the canine world with ease.

How do you correct unwanted play?
We strive to give the dogs in our care a good social experience that is fun and not stressful. By redirecting over stimulated play and encouraging a healthy give and take we have helped families raise confident well adjusted dogs that can go out and the world and be ambassadors for well socialized dogs everywhere.

Canine Universityģ has been offering daycare for 20+ years. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure that each dog gets what they need from their daycare experience. We keep our numbers small and supervise our groups closely to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

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