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Clicker Training

The ClickerWhat is a clicker ?
A clicker is a training device that makes a sound which the dog learns to associate with food.

How does it work ?
The dog learns to associate the sound of the clicker with what they are doing at the moment they heard the click. Since they already know that the click means food is coming, they repeat the behavior to get the reward. The clicker replaces your voice to more accurately identify what your dog is doing right at the moment he is doing it. Absence of a click tells your dog he is off track and should try again. The clicker acts like a snapshot of the dog's behavior and allows the handler to work at a distance from the dog.

Why use a clicker to train your dog ?

  • it's more accurate than verbal praise
  • you can work at a distance from the animal
  • it removes food from the immediate picture (helps for dogs that get distracted easily by the presence of food )
  • it gets the dog to think on it's own ( the dog has to figure out how to make you click, which increases his focus on you ).

Where can you use it ?
Sam counts her money

  • agility
  • competition obedience
  • polish heeling
  • lengthen stays
  • jumping or not jumping
  • nail trimming
  • aggression problems
  • to teach a positive retrieve
  • movie tricks - light switches, roll over, play dead, etc.
  • visits to groomer/vet

YOU name it !!!

For additional questions about Clicker training, contact us.

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