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Our classes use positive motivational methods by means of Clicker Training and are geared toward teaching the owner how to train their dog. Participants MUST work with their dogs between classes in order for training to be successful. Proof of vaccinations and full payment should be submitted with the registration form in order to reserve a place for your dog.

Pre-requisite for all group classes: Dogs must be not be people or dog aggressive in order to attend classes. If your dog people and/or dog aggressive, private training is available for ALL class offerings.

About the Instructor: All coursework is overseen by Gerilyn Bielakiewicz CPDT, CTP co-owner of Canine University. In addition to holding two nationally recognized certifications, Gerilyn has 20 plus years experience training dogs; she is a former faculty member for Karen Pryor Academy's Dog Obedience Instructor credentialing program, and has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers since 1996. Gerilyn is the author of seven books, notably The Everything® Dog Training and Tricks Book, which has been translated into 20+ languages. She has been featured on PBS' Martha Speaks children's programming, as well as news programming on Boston's NBC, CBS and WB affiliates.
Gerilyn is known for her ability to break problems down into manageable steps, and has helped thousands of families train their dogs to be polite members of their family. Her calm, effective teaching style makes her an excellent coach. Those who enroll in Canine University's group classes respond favorably of their experience, reporting success in achieving the goals they set for their dogs.

Classes for Beginning Dog Trainers

Because I'm only a puppy once. Puppy Kindergarten
Start your puppy off on the right paw by enrolling him in our 6wk Puppy Kindergarten class. Start any Tuesday at 7:30 PM, and attend one hour a week for 6 weeks. We cover: sit, down, stay, come, walk nicely on leash, leave it and greeting visitors without jumping.
What makes our Puppy Kindergarten unique: in class we apply these behaviors to solve everyday problems and situations each week, further helping our clients reach their goal of a well-behaved companion.
Playtime with other puppies is also included as well as guidance on what good play is and how to make sure your puppy is getting the right kind of socialization with other dogs and people.
This class will give you a strong foundation for training so that your puppy grows into a dog that listens to you and is a dog people like to have around. The time you invest in training and socializing your puppy now will pay off for years to come.
Make ups for missed classes are allowed: students are given 8 weeks in which they can attend their six sessions.

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies 8-18 weeks at the START of class, and costs $190 per dog/handler team; Pre-registration is encouraged. First class is attended without your puppy. Class Schedule

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Let's Get This Done! Beginners Open Enrollment
for all ages puppy to adult

This class offers a flexible format so that busy dog owners can get started on training their dogs to be polite members of the family despite a hectic schedule. Class is designed to give individual attention to each dog and handler team to determine where they are at in teaching each behavior and helping them reach their goals. The curriculum is designed to be flexible so that each team can work at their own pace and build upon a solid foundation of sit, down, stay, come, walking without pulling, leave it, greeting people without jumping, greeting dogs without getting over excited and overall self control.

Orientation is held every Wednesday @ 7:00PM (other times available by appointment). Pre-registration is appreciated but not required. You must attend orientation- without your dog- before beginning classes. Orientation does not count towards your class time.

Make ups for missed classes are allowed: students are given 8 weeks in which they can attend their six sessions.

6 weeks @ $190 - Come once a week for 6 weeks, one hour classes, Wednesdays at 6:30PM. Offers the flexibility of being able to make up missed classes when your schedule changes (all classes must be made up within 8 weeks)
Best Value: you can add a block of 4 weeks- 6 week block plus bonus 4 weeks, 10 classes total- for only $290

Class Schedule

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Classes for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

Advanced Classes are available upon completion of Puppy Kindergarten or Adult Beginners, Beginner Obedience module or with permission of the instructor.

zoom-zoom!! Canine Agility

Come participate in the fastest growing dog sport in America!! Teach your dog to jump through the tire, climb the A-Frame and negotiate the weave poles. Build confidence and have fun while teaching your companion something new. Canine University's agility class is geared for fun and is appropriate for all ages, sizes and abilities of dogs and people; come join us!
Current and recent class enrolees: sign up by 5PM on Wednesday and you can start that week!

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner Open Enrollment classes, or with instructor permission. Dogs must not be people or dog aggressive in order to attend class.

Agility is open enrollment which means you can start any week but pre-registration is required prior to attendance. If you haven't attended one of our classes before, plan on attending an orientation session (without your dog) before starting agility.
You can sign your dog up to attend either four or six weeks. Make ups for missed classes are allowed: students are given 8 weeks in which they can attend their six sessions, or 6 weeks to complete 4 sessions. Class Schedule

Not currently being offered; schedule TBD and dependent on the number of enrollees. There is a limit of 7 dogs per session, with a later session added only on weeks that the earlier one is at capacity.

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Puttin' my best paw forward! Good Manners EVERYWHERE
From Naughty to Nice in No Time!

Embarrassed by your dog’s behavior?
Watch your unruly dog mature into the polite member of the family you long for.

No more chasing after your dog at the park.
Get your dog to come to you every time you call!

No more being dragged around the neighborhood.
Enjoy walking your polite dog that ignores other dogs and distractions!

No more jumping on visitors.
Imagine your well-behaved dog participate in family gatherings!

No more unruly, embarrassing behavior at the vet or groomer.
Make your visits stress free for everyone!

Sign up for either Six or 10-week sessions. Good Manners EVERYWHERE is an open enrollment class which meets Wednesday nights at 7:30pm, one hour per week. Join any week with your dog and we'll get right to work! Class Schedule

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of any Beginner Obedience class; knowledge of clicker helpful. Dogs must not be people or dog aggressive in order to attend class.

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I'm not done yet! Dog Tricks for All Abilities

A fun class for you and your dog. Learn some "wow" tricks that will amaze your family and friends!! Tricks are taught for all levels of students from beginner through advanced. Some tricks that we may cover include: rollover, play dead, sit up, ring a bell, wave, stick 'em up, say your prayers, are you sorry?; crawl, and any others you would like to try.
Class is geared toward the goals of those present...come with a list of tricks you'd like to teach your dog and we'll show you how! The instructor is the author of The Everything® Dog Training and Tricks Book (now in it's second edition) and The Only Dog Trick Book You'll Ever Need.

Meets Tuesday evenings @ 6:30PM, you can join us for 4 or 6 weeks, one hour sessions. Class Schedule

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*Required vaccinations:

Shots required to participate in any class or workshop include Distemper, Parvo, Rabies, and Canine Cough. We can and do work with anyone on a modified vaccine schedule, and accept titers.
Puppies may or may not have started their vaccinations, according to your veterinarian's recommendation. It is fine to start Puppy Kindergarten etc so long as you bring in any updates.
We ask registrants to provide a photocopy of proof of any vaccinations....the receipt from your veterinarian may serve to indicate what shots you dog is current on, other practices provide a letter or form such as is used for kenneling.

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