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Cameo's Corner for Adolescent Dogs

Yep, you guessed it- I am now an adolescent dog. I'm 11 months old and full of my self, a typical naughty teenager. Having raised many adolescent dogs many times before, my mom does not let me get away with much... but a dog's gotta try.

As is typical for a teenage dog I try my best to get away with as much as possible. The problem of course at my house is that my parents are dog trainers and they are tough to fool. Opportunity doesn't present itself all that often, but with toddlers about there is an occasional window where I make my move. But since only the things that are going right get rewarded (and the inappropriate things are prevented or ignored) there really is no fun in being naughty at my house.

Here are some of our household secrets: you may want to keep this from your parents if naughty is working for you.

  • Stealing things isn't much fun because they don't leave stuff around for me to take. If I do grab a slipper, a kid toy, or a sock, no one gets flustered: they just ask me what I've got and trade me for something more appropriate.
  • I'm supervised while I'm out of my crate and of course our house is dog proofed so there isn't more temptation than I can handle.
  • I'm not always perfect in my greeting manners, but a foot on the leash and lots of clicks and treats for sitting is changing my mind about the best way to greet people.
  • I'm great at coming when I'm called because I've always had off leash freedom from the first day I came home.
  • I have learned that checking in with mom and dad means more freedom, affection, attention and of course the best treats!

There are rules at my house that make it easy for me to know where my place is- and that makes life a lot less confusing.

  • I'm not allowed on beds or furniture.
  • I have to sit and stay at doorways, and to get out of the car.
  • I'm not allowed to tackle or hassle the kids nor are they allowed to roughhouse with me. Though Eric and I have worked out an entertaining game of tackle fetch that mom finds amusing and Eric loves...she bends the rules for certain things depending on the circumstances.

I get lots of training on a regular basis and Mom and I are constantly going new places and socializing with new people and dogs. Each month Mom picks a socialization or training theme- this month it's tricks. So far I have learned to rollover in both directions, spin in both directions, bow, backup and wave. Next month we are planning on getting back on the subway for some social trips into Boston to work on furthering my in public manners. Riding the Orange line I get to see it all, hear it all, and experience it all. Mom says it's good for me, but I know it means people, goodies and fun.

If you are an adolescent dog in need of something fun to do get your mom or dad to sign you up for one of mom's Beginners 2 classes or for a day of daycare to work on your social skills. Exercising your brain and your body will make being naughty around the house lose it's appeal. See you in class !

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