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Getting your dog to come in from the yard is not an easy feat especially since you are probably late for work, cold or ready for bed. There really isn't anything earth shattering about how to accomplish this feat quickly. Mostly what has to happen is you have to think about what the circumstances are when you call your dog. Do you ever call him to come in and then release him to go back to playing again ? Do you ever call him to come in and when he looks at you throw him a cookie and let him stay out for a while longer ? If your dog doesn't like to come in when you call him it's probably because nothing good usually comes of it. You call him and put him in a crate and then leave for work, for instance. If he runs around the yard and ignores you when you call him, he gets several more minutes of freedom ! If you were a dog which would you choose ? To get your dog to come readily try something new. Ten minutes before you need your dog to come in, go out and call his name, then throw him a cookie and go back inside. Go out about 8-10 times before you really need him and toss him a cookie and go back inside. If you are in a hurry and can't do a training session like this then use a leash to let him in the yard so you can make him come back right away, that way you can prevent him from running off and rewarding himself. Preventing your dog from ignoring you by letting him in the yard on a leash may not directly teach him to come in from the yard quickly but it will prevent him from rewarding himself, making it easier for you to teach him more acceptable behavior. Put the time in to teach your dog what you expect of him and stop letting him reinforce himself for ignoring you. In just a few short training sessions on a consistent basis you should see a huge improvement in your dogs enthusiam to come in from outside.