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How we train

Teaching Self- Control

Adolescent dogs are energetic, fun loving and full of trouble. Sometimes an inkling of just how out of control a dog will become can be seen in puppyhood. Is your pup in constant motion ? Is he constantly whining, barking, jumping, mouthing to get your attention ? This sounds like an animal that is out of control and if you nip it in the bud early on, you will get through the adolesent months with fewer headaches.

Teaching a dog self control depends on steely determnation not to give in to his demands, completly ignoring your dog for the wrong behaviorsand noticing him when he does something right. How often do you reward your dog when he's not jumping , barking or pawing at you ? If you want your dog to be able to be an amicable companion you have to start noticing him when he's not being obnoxious. Bend over when he approaches you and hug him or pat him before he has a chance to jump up for instance. Leave a chair by the front door so that guests can do the same. Turn your head away when he whines or barks at you and completly ignore him until he stops. If he nudges you or paws at you for attention get up and leave the room. Instead of paying attention to him when he's being annoying, catch him when he's not acting up and invtie him over for a game of fetch or a belly rub. The behavior you pay attention to is the behavior you'll see over and over again. Catch your adolescent dog doing something right !

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