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Canine University 71 Clinton St. Malden, MA
Reggae's Product Review:

Product- Rock'n Bottles by Zanies...available for $5 at Canine University

This is by far the coolest toy we've had in a long time. It's unique design has kept us busy for hours of noisy, squishing fun.

The making of this toy starts with a non-toxic plastic water bottle covered in a plush soft fur, with long dangly arms that Velcro together. There are several stones inside the bottle to give it a rattle effect and crunching down on it produces the sound dogs love...crunching plastic!! The Velcro arms are fun for Moms and Dads to wrap around our necks and watch us try to take it off- cheap thrills I know, but it is funny. Each bottle comes with an embroidered smiley face and tassles at the top that I find hard to resist.

I particularly like to pick it up by the tassels and give it a good shake. This usually brings Cameo and Stryker running and a tug game ensues. It's probably not a tough enough toy for a real rowdy tug game but we usually get caught before we tear it apart. Mom has bought us several because we enjoy them so much. They do wear out and are not indestructable, but we get a lot of fun time in before we kill them so mom says it's worth it.

Being an inexpensive toy, you can afford to have several lying around the house, one for each dog if you've got housemates who don't like to share. All in all it's a cheap way to entertain yourself and your owner with minimal effort.

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