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Reggae's Product Review:

Product- The Semi-Stuffed Crate Pad ... $24-30, available at whitedogbone.com

We've found the most comfy crate pad going. It's a little bit expensive, but we like the quality of the craftsmanship and the bright colors that match any décor. At the Boston dog show while mom was in a shopping frenzy she was looking for a crate pad for one of our crates. Forking over almost $26.00 for a mat for us dogs to lie on wasn't easy... but as I said she was in spending mode, and the cause was good.

That pad has been washed, dryed, thrown up on and shed on by three of us and it is still fluffy and comfortable. Mom liked how it held up so well that she bought two more for our portable crates when we go to dog shows. One side of the pad is faux fur, available in a variety of vivid colors and prints like leopard and cow, the other side is a very plush, soft fleece. I like to stretch out on mine, Stryker likes to curl up in a little ball on his and Cameo likes to kick hers to one side and rest her head on it.

Stryker and I are not into tearing up our bedding so ours will last forever. Miss Cameo however has dissected the corner of hers recently. Mom in an apparent lapse of judgment gave a new one to the princess who promptly tore the tag off and defluffed one corner. (We didn't get pads in our crates for years...what was she thinking !) The craftsmanship of the crate pad is excellent however and it was easily mended.

As the semi stuffed name implies the stuffing is actually sewn into the fabric making it not so easy to defluff. The other benefit is that when it gets washed the fluff stays uniform and doesn't get lumpy or shift to one side. We use our pads in our crates but it could easily be used for a bed around the house or in the car. They aren't cheap but they are durable, easily washed, and should give comfort to you in all of your naps for years to come. Happy napping !

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