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Canine University Reviews: Title- Amazing Gracie
Authors- Dye, Dan & Beckloff, Mark
Publisher- Workman Publishing Co. ISBN- 076111937X
List- $18.95

This book was written by the guys who started the business Three Dog Bakery, a bakery that caters specifically to canine tastes. It's not so much a story of how the business was born but about their dog Gracie, a deaf Great Dane who became something of an inspiration for enjoying life. This is Gracie's story, an unwanted misfit of a puppy whose "breeder" was about to euthanize her because of her deafness; and a man who desperately wanted a special dog in his life again.

I'm not a person who really likes sappy dog stories. Having lived and worked in the dog world for most of my life I've seen the downside of humanizing dogs. Many times when people put lots of human feelings into dog language, the end result is detrimental to the dog.

Thankfully in the case of Gracie it simply enhances the story, and illustrates the wonderful quality dogs add to life. Gracie, named so because of her intial lack of grace as a pup became somewhat of a legend as the Three Dog Bakery became increasingly popular and successful. The sense of humor throughout the book will make you laugh at the antics of this mammoth of a dog that steals her way into the hearts of these men. Of course, you will also cry just as hard at the end when Gracie's long life comes to a graceful end.

The writing is excellent and the text is an easy read, one of those books you can devour in an evening or savor over the course of several bedtimes. If you are looking for a gift for someone special or just want to relax and remind yourself why you own a dog, this ones for you. Enjoy !

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