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Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product Review: Chuck It! The Flying Squirrel

Finally a squirrel you can sink your teeth into without getting in trouble! The Flying Squirrel toy is just about the coolest Frisbee yet. Made of a tough canvas and rip-stop nylon material this is a toy that will endure hours of retrieving.

The aerodynamic design allows your owner to throw it like a Frisbee but the raised edges allow it to be easily picked up. No more nose full of dirt as you scoop this squirrel up at top speed ! The Flying Squirrel is manufactured by Canine Hardware Inc., the same company that designed the Chuck It ! , a plastic tennis ball thrower with a long handle. This company must be run by a dog since their ideas are both practical and innovative. The Flying Squirrel is made from a sturdy canvas and nylon material sewn over a rubber tubing to give it flexibility but maintaining it's light weight design. It has four feet that make it stand off the ground a little making it easy to retrieve. Each end or foot is protected with a thick rubber to increase the durability of the toy.

The manufacturer is quick to point out that this is a retrieving toy and not a chew toy. If you are of the chewing mind set you may want to stick with the inexpensive old fashioned flying disc. The Flying Squirrel can be folded up to fit in your owner's pocket or training bag, making it easy to take on long walks and hikes. It also floats in water and comes in three different sizes depending upon your personal retrieving tastes.

Out of the three of us, I like this toy the best and since it was my birthday gift I got to hog it for and hour before I had to share it with Stryker or Sam. Sam wasn't impressed much by it, but then again she's 11 years old and not impressed much with anything she has to muster up the energy to chase. Stryker on the other hand could be serious competition for this cool new toy, maybe Mom will buy him one.

The Flying Squirrel doesn't come cheap (around $12.00) but I know I'm worth it, I hope your Mom thinks so too. I truly hope if you are as big a retrieving nut as I am you'll get your person to buy one for you too.....I'm not sharing mine!

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