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Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: Breath Friend

This product will keep even the foulest of mouths kissably sweet. Breath Friend is truly two paws up for those of us with breath that would make a gorilla faint.

Reggae and I (though sweet and lovable) don't always have the sweetest smelling breath. We like to give kisses often, but our family often shrieks and makes a rude comment about our awful breath. Even the babies push us away and they aren't supposed to know any better! Humans get their teeth cleaned at the dentist twice a year and brush their teeth several times a day, but us dogs don't. Heck, we'll eat anything we can fit into our mouths living or dead, no wonder we've got such stinky breath. It takes only a single meal to start the bacteria growing on our teeth and BAM! we get a bad breath rap.

Even the most pampered pooch whose owners have time to brush their teeth would benefit from this great stuff. This mouthwash-type product comes in a gel form which is easily applied to the gum line and naturally distributes itself over the teeth without brushing. Mom was eager to try this out, so she lined us all up and gave us all a good squirt. I tried my best to avoid her but she caught me anyway and had her way with me. Even Stryker held still for his treatment and he's a sissy! With a minimal amount of effort we had better smelling breath than when we started, and no one avoided us when we dolled out the kisses. Since I tend to sit next to people and breathe on them in the hopes of getting more attention I'm sure everyone can appreciate my fresh smelling breath.

The application was simple: a single squirt of the gel on the gum line on each side of our mouth and we were good to go. The directions recommend applying it with an index finger for dogs who won't tolerate you coming at them with the bottle, but all in all it wasn't an unpleasant experience. The gel is alcohol free and tasteless so there's really nothing to object to. The manufacturer recommends daily application for maximum results,which beats the heck out of getting your teeth brushed! None of us objected to it at all and Mom said we were kissable once again.

So if your owner makes faces when you give out kisses, or your breath clears the room when you enter, you may want to think about getting some Breath Friend. Though this mouth wash gel won't take the place of regular veterinary dental care it can help cut down on the amount of plaque on your teeth. Less trips to the vet means more naps on the couch. So hold still and let the fresh breath begin.

By the way, Reggae, Stryker and I are always available for extra cuddling, patting, kissing or butt rubs. Sharing our humans with two human pups hasn't been easy on us, so feel free to stop by the training center and visit us, we need all the extra attention we can get ! Copyright © 2001 Canine University. All Rights Reserved.

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