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Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: The ticked off spoon!
Availability & Cost: Everywhere!

For those among you who are squeamish about ticks this product is for you. Who among us dog lovers hasn't come across an engorged tick on our dogs. We found it, grimaced, closed our eyes and yanked it off, giving it a swift death in the nearest ashtray or toliet. What's to love about an insect whose existence depends on a blood meal...meanwhile possibly carrying lyme disease. Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to remove these parasites without having to touch them.

The ticked off spoon is the solution to hands free tick removal. This simple device looks like a small measuring spoon with a groove cut out of it. The way it works is you fit the cut out part around the ticks body and pull the tick off without touching it. The cut is V shaped making it easy to get the device well under the tick for complete removal. All this without ever having to touch the little vermin. The ticked off spoon is an inexpensive solution to the problem of tick infestation for those of us that hate to share our dog's blood with such a hostile insect.

The dogs have their say... Sam and I give two paws up for this product. Our mom is pretty conservative about using flea and tick products on our sensitive skin. This product makes it easy and fast to remove ticks with ease. If you love long walks in the woods but hate ticks make sure your mom has one too ! Copyright © 2001 Canine University. All Rights Reserved.

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