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Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: Mutt Mats
Availability & Cost: Everywhere!

These dog beds are comfy, durable and portable too. With the addition of human pups to our household our old dog beds are just too cumbersome. Mom got sick of tripping over 3 dogs and 3 beds all the time, so it was time to shop for new beds.

Our criteria for a good dog bed is threefold, it must not take up too much space, it must not hold smells, be easy to wash, and it must be comfortable. The Mutt Mat fits the bill.

Mutt Mats are made from a durable quilted fabric with two sides, one side is a light striped pattern and the other is a dark solid color. The benefit to the color combinations is that regardless of your fur color it doesn't look too hairy especially if you're a shedder. This bed is comfy without the bulk of foam or cedar chips, which also makes it easy to wash and dry. This feature also helps keep the odors down, as there is no stuffing to get wet and smelly- a huge benefit at our house since we love to swim and play in the rain.

Mutt Mats are particularly popular with the dog show circuit and dog professionals who travel with their dogs to seminars and workshops. They roll up compactly and are easy and lightweight to transport. You could use it in the back of your car or to protect the seat from your hairy beast. The company claims that it's clients have their Mutt Mats for the whole life of their dogs, and we believe it! Ours are already a year old, have been washed weekly and look just like new.

The colors are pretty basic (the company chooses for you), but blend in fairly nicely with just about any decor. The Mutt Mat is a lot like a comforter, kind of like the one on your owner's bed.....not that us dogs would know what that felt like (wink, wink !!). The Mutt Mat comes in 3 sizes to suit any breed of dog: from the delicate and dainty to the huge and hefty, there's a Mutt Mat to fit.

Overall, Sam and I give 4 paws up to the Mutt Mat dog bed. It meets a dog's basic need for a place to call his own, it's easy to move around, washes like a dream and is portable too. So get off the couch and get your own pad, it's the nuts !!

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