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Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: The Kong...A Cool New Way to Use an Old Toy
Availability & Cost: Everywhere!

Most everyone who owns a dog knows about the Kong toy. But in case you haven't heard it's just about the toughest toy around. Made from almost indestructible rubber it's cylindrical shape and bouncing ability is enticing to most dogs. Sam and I like to play fetch with ours especially with the Kool Kong version which floats. Many aquariums and zoos give these toys to their animals to play with so they must be tough. They even make tiny versions for birds and cats. The Kong toy comes in various sizes from the extra large jumbo size to tiny little kitty size- each one as durable as the next. Our daycare dogs love to fetch and chew on Kong toys and we haven't needed to replace any of them in 3 years.

By far our favorite feature of the Kong toy, however, is the hole in the middle. The hole is used for stuffing peanut butter, cream cheese, cheese whiz and other goodies and keeps us busy for hours ! Our mom takes the Kong and stuffs it with dry dog food and peanut butter (Sam's favorite !) until it's packed really tightly. Then she places it in a ziploc bag and freezes it overnight. She gives then to us on hot summer days outside or in the kitchen (it's easier to clean up after we slobber over them) and we feast and fumble and chase them around for hours. Its a great way to cool down on a hot day or a way to keep an active dog from eating the house while your away. Sometimes mom gives Stryker his in a crate so he keeps busy in her absence.

Kongs are great toys for dogs who like to chew and have lots of energy. For grown up dogs too sophisticated to chase them, stuffing and freezing them is great incentive. Any dog will love discovering all the delicious surprises their owner can pack into a single Kong. The sky's the limit on what kind of food you use to stuff the Kong. You can even vary how tightly or loosely you pack it depending on how determined your pooch is in working at getting the goodies out.

Kongs can be purchased at Canine University or any pet store or catalog. They normally retail between $8.00-$10.00 and will last a long time. In fact you may want several so you can keep one stuffed in the freezer for those times when you're having company and want your dog to have something to do. Get yourself a Kong and stuff it - your dog will love it !!!

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