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Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: Multipet Toy Families....The Duckworth's, The Wallyworths, The Bunnyworths.
Availability & Cost: Mail order Catalogs/ some pet stores $8.00 - $10.00

A whole family of fuzzy friends mad especially for dogs. Sam and I being the good golden retrievers that we are, love ducks. These fowl are no exception. I received my first Duckworth (the large version in white) on my fourth birthday, August 17, 1999. Ever since that wonderful day my Mom has been trying to keep it clean. I carry it with me everywhere, even out to the potty. I hold onto it while I piddle, but put him down when I'm looking for a spot to poop. I never forget to bring him back inside, because I can't go to bed without him. My duck has been through a lot with me, especially this transition to life with a human puppy. Everyone calls my duck a security blanket, but I don't care, I love him. So what if I sleep with it in my mouth with my eyes glazed over and content.expression on my face. The only problem with this stuffie is everyone wants one. My brother Stryker and sister Sam are always trying to steal my duck, so Mom bought several more when she found out what a hit they were (but I still loose mine often because Stryker likes to take them all and then lay on top of them like he's hatching eggs or something). These beauties come in a variety of colors and styles. The duck family comes in two sizes 10 inches and 13 inches and in two colors white and yellow. The bunny family comes in 9 inches and 12 inches in pink and gray and the walrus family comes in 9 inches and 12 inches in dark brown and tan. Mom likes these toys because they are tough and durable, they stand up to lots of washing and always come out looking like new. They're soft and pliable for any dog who likes a good cuddle. They are a little bit hard to find in pet stores (beware of imitations that are not made as well) but mail order catalogs usually have all styles and colors. The cost of $8.00 - $10.00 is well worth the money as these toys are built to last.

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