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Canine University 71 Clinton St. Malden, MA
Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: Leash Luggage
Availability & Cost: $10.00 @ Canine University
$17.00 and up in pet stores & catalogs

Leash luggage will be a big hit with dog owners everywhere. Sam and Stryker and I go for frequent walks on the beach and in the neighborhood and this is the perfect solution for our mom to carry poop bags, keys and change. We always hear mom grumbling about never having enough pockets for all the junk she has to carry, and besides we know how much she hates to walk us with keys, money and poop bags bulging out of her pockets. In the summer especially she often doesn't have any pockets at all in her walking shorts.

Leash luggage is the perfect solution, so we bought her one for mother's day and she loves it. It attaches to our leash for hands free carry all. It has one big pocket that holds bags for clean up, grocery bags fit nicely with a velcro closure on top and fitted elastic at the bottom so you can just pull out a bag like a pro. A smaller outer pocket holds change, id and a special loop with a hook holds your house or car keys. The back of the leash luggage has two sturdy velcro tabs so it easily attaches and detaches to any leash including a flexi.

This is a great gift for any dog walker and makes it convenient to take your dog anywhere without having to stuff your pockets. This great invention comes in 3 colors, red, royal blue and black to suit all your moods. Canine University's price is $10.00, we've seen them elsewhere for as much as $17.00. All responsible dog owners should have one of these on their dog's leashes. Our mom is thrilled with hers.

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