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Canine University 71 Clinton St. Malden, MA
Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo
Cost: 12oz. spray $10.00 / 8oz. foam $8.00
Available from: Available in catalogs and at Canine University

Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo is the best invention since the dog cookie. This is the perfect solution for dogs who hate baths and mom's and dad's who hate giving them. This shampoo requires no rinsing which means you don't have to get into the tub (yahoo !) It's spray on formula lathers up and then wipes off with a towel, leaving your coat shiny and odor free. That's it, no sopping wet bathroom, no dog flying around the house like a streaker on the loose, no pile of dirty towels to wash. It's made from lots of natural sounding stuff like tea tree oil, pennyroyal, hyacinth and clove. Mom says these things are good for our skin and fur, so we humor her and wait until she leaves the room before rubbing ourselves all over the carpet. Miracle Coat waterless shampoo is great for those times when you've rolled in the greatest smelling stuff but your mom or dad won't let you in the car or house until you smell better (humans have no stomach for the best smells.....does Miracle Coat come in dead animal scent ?), or if company is coming and you're smelling a bit gamey. It works for my brother Stryker who hasn't figured out how to lift his leg yet and sometimes piddles on himself, pathetic isn't he? It makes bath time almost fun, except I kinda miss watching Mom and Dad wrestle Stryker in the tub, you can't beat that kind of entertainment ! Though we do still get real baths (the soak the bathroom kind) Miracle Coat is a nice solution to the odiferous incidents in between. As an added benefit, it leaves your coat looking shiny and manageable with half the effort of a regular bath.

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