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Canine University 71 Clinton St. Malden, MA
Sam and Reggae's Product Reviews.
Product: Folding nylon water bowl; from Doggone Good
Cost: $12.00/ variety of colors
Available at: Canine University

Folding water bowls are for dogs on the go. They are great for walks, picnics, car trips, training class or visiting relatives, anywhere you'd like to have your own bowl to drink or eat out of. Mom has one for each of us and I like that idea since my brothers tend to drink like there's no tomorrow ! I'd never see a drop if I had to share. Mom says she likes these bowls because they fold up so small and attach to leashes, collars or a belt loop. They are made by a company called Doggone Good, the same people that make the bait bags, so you know these are good quality ! They come in a whole bunch of beautiful bright colors and fit right in the glove box of the car for those long road trips ! Mom and Dad travel a lot, so these bowls have proved very convenient for our trips to Maine or Grandma's. Mom says it's so much easier then packing those big clunky metal bowls we eat out of at home. The best part for us dogs is that since the bowls take up very little room we can pack more cookies and dog bones, yum !! These bowls wash easily and can be hung up to dry without losing their shape. They are made from a tough nylon pack material, and there's a good chance that this bowl will last 'til your old and gray. Drag your Mom or Dad over to visit us and get one of these great bowls for your get- away bag !!

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