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Innova Health Bars
California Natural Health Bars

Available at Canine University by special order

Innova Health Bars and California Natural Health Bars are an excellent compliment to the Innova and California Natural dog foods. Made from the same ingredients as their respective foods they provide a nutritious alternative to other dog biscuits on the market.

The Innova health bars are made from fresh whole foods like whole turkey, chicken, fruits and vegetables and whole ground grains. Each bar is slowly baked to provide optimal nutrients from the fresh whole ingredients, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (essential for healthy coats and skin ) from flax seed oil, sunflower oil and chicken fat. There is no better compliment to feeding a healthy diet than to feed healthy snacks as well.

California Natural also provides a health bar made from the same basic ingredients as the food. The simple list of ingredients lamb meal, brown rice, rice and sunflower oil and the slow baking technique provide the same high quality ingredients as the regular diet but in a biscuit form. Anyone feeding this diet because their dog is allergic will love being able to give their dogs cookies again.

My own dogs who aren't particularly fussy (except for my German Shepherd who will not eat just anything) loved both versions of the health bars. Though these cookies are too big to be used for training they make great snacks before bedtime for my dogs and I often break them in half to keep their figures trim. I found the Innova version a bit heavy on the garlic, but the dogs didn't seem to mind.

Both version of the health bar come in two different sizes of biscuits and two different sized packages. These can be special ordered through Canine University by calling us at (781)324-3722. We can also special order any other Natura product including :

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Innova Cat Food
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