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Tellington Touch For Dogs Part Two

In the last issue we covered Tellington touch, a form of handling and massage that is often used on horses and dogs to improve health, hyper-activity and the dogs ability to learn new things. T-touch practitioners believe that this technique re-programs the dogs body on a cellular level and makes it easier for him to learn new concepts and heal from injuries. Many aggressive dogs have learned to accept handling or tolerate other dogs when these techniques are combined with a training program. T-touch does not replace regular veterinary care or behavioral training but can be used in conjunction with it to improve the dogs overall progress. Below are two more techniques to try out on your dog.

Python Lift - this t-touch technique involves gently lifting the skin around each limb using both hands wrapped around the dogs leg while the dog is in a standing position. A towel can also be placed under the dog's belly like a sling, and while one person holds the dog, the other can gently lift up on the towel.

Bear Claw - this technique uses the finger tips of the hand held in a bear paw- like form. The amount of pressure used depends on the dogs tolerance and comfort. The general idea is to use the very tips of the fingers rather than the pads to make large circles all over the dogs body. This may be a good technique for larger, furry dogs with lots of coat because it gets the pressure of your fingers right down to the skin. As with anything new, start out slowly with just a little bit of pressure and gradually work longer and more vigorously as the dog enjoys the contact.

If Tellington touch sounds intriguing to you why not join us in February for a two hour seminar/workshop given by a professional T-touch practitioner. Laurel Flax will be coming to Canine University , date and time to be confirmed but tentatively scheduled for February 19, 2000, Saturday, 10am-noon. The cost of the workshop is $35.00 and will include a live demo with dogs, coffee and refreshments. There is lots to learn about this technique and huge benefits for your dog. Join us and learn how to help your dog to become a calmer and more enjoyable pet or for new ways to build a better bond with your best friend. Hope you can join us for this exciting first time event!

Some material for this article has been adapted from the video Dogs and Puppies,by Linda Tellington-Jones. © 1994 Thane Marketing International Inc.

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