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Natural Health Corner : California Natural Lamb and Rice Diet for Dogs

Food allergies among dogs have become something of an epidemic. No one really knows for sure where allergies come from but we all know there devastating effects: dry itchy skin, fur loss, hot spots, constant scratching, unhappy dogs ! Regardless of their cause, the fact is many dogs can not tolerate certain ingredients in the food they eat. For many dogs, ingredients like milk or dairy products, corn, beef, or soy products start them on the road to itchy, scaly skin and misery.

As with other food made by Natura, California Natural Lamb and Rice is made from the highest quality ingredients and is specially formulated for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. California Natural is the least allergenic of dog foods because of it's simple ingredient list. It is made with lamb meal, brown and white rice, sunflower oil and essential vitamins and minerals. That's it ! No fillers or special colors, no additives or chemicals. Nothing to aggravate a sensitive dog's digestive tract. The crude protein is 21%, crude fat 11%, crude fiber 4.5 %. Sunflower oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which keeps skin healthy and the coat shiny. For dogs who suffer from food allergies and who can only eat a limited diet California Natural may be worth a try.

As with all dog foods, no one food is right for every dog. If you decide to change your dog's diet do so gradually over a weeks time, by mixing 1/2 old food and 1/2 new food together. You should feed the new food for about 6-8 wks and evaluate your dog's health to see if it's the right diet for him. Especially if you have a dog with skin problems, you may want to give it even more time. A dog's system needs time to adjust to new food and the benefits are not often seen overnight.

California Natural is ordered frequently by distributors and the company promises that it will never be warehoused ( meaning it doesn't sit around for months in hot or cold extremes before you buy it). Each bag is fresh and stock is rotated frequently. California Natural comes in 3 sizes 5lb $10.00, 20lb $23.00, 36lb $38.00. All prices include sales tax. California Natural also makes a canned food, biscuits and a puppy formula, special orders can be made by calling (781)324-3722. Summer hours are Tuesdays 7am-7:30pm, Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm, Thursdays 7am- 6pm. Special arrangements can be made to pick up food if necessary.

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