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Natural Health Corner: Source Plus

This is a new section in our quarterly newsletter that we've added with the hopes of exposing more people to the benefits of holistic alternatives and better nutrition. Many of our clients ask us about diet, dog food and supplements: this gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge and address this need.

Modern dog food has become very scientific, and as a result very confusing for a lot of people. No one knows what brand to buy, or which flavor to feed. We're still searching for the best overall diet ourselves, but we've found something to help in the meantime.

Regardless of the brand of dog food, or how much science is behind it, most of the soil where the ingredients are grown are deficient in some of the most basic micronutrients needed for good health. Why do we have so many more dogs with allergies and skin problems then ever before ? Why do so many dogs get cancer, weird unexplained illnesses, or chronic ear, eye and skin infections ? This is a question best answered by researchers, but one thing we can do is make sure our dogs are getting the best possible nutrition out of the food they eat.

The ingredients in Source Plus help replace some of the missing micronutrients in your dogs' food, as well as aid in his digestion of the food more efficiently. Technically (according to one vet we know) you should not have to supplement a high quality diet, but the fact is that many animals are not getting enough of what they need from their food and supplementation is necessary. With pollution and contamination of the earth's soils, it's no wonder that even the most expensive natural dog foods are missing some of these micronutrients. Often it's something that for some dogs may be the difference between a good nights sleep and a whirling dervish of itchy dog !! Micronutrients help with the skin and coat problems, allergies, coat growth, digestion, breeding and growth.

I have had first hand experience with an itchy dog that would bite herself raw and keep me awake half the night biting, scratching and pulling out her fur. Two years ago I put my dogs on Source Plus, and did not have a hot spot or skin problem until this past June, when I stupidly took her off of it because her coat was too full and I wanted to give her a break for the summer. (Dumb, dumb, dumb !!) I've been kicking myself ever since. After Sam's recent bout of the itchies I decided to put her back on it, and guess what, things have improved ! I'm not sure if taking her off Source made her more susceptible to skin problems or if this was just a particularly bad year for allergies, but I'm not taking her off of it again, and as I am seeing things improve I know we're on our way to being healthy once again !

We're currently carrying this supplement at Canine University's Tack Shop because we have used this product and really feel it has improved our dogs' skin, coat and overall health. It comes in a powder form that you add to one of your dog's meals. The ingredients include dehydrated seaweed, yeast culture, brewers yeast, garlic powder, vitamin E, zinc proteinate, and natural beef flavor. It took awhile for the dogs to get used to the taste, so we mixed ours with a tablespoon of yogurt (also great for coat and skin) & they were scoffing it up in no time. As with any type of diet change or supplement, it takes about a month to 6 weeks to see the results, usually in the form of a shiny thicker coat and healthier skin. Source Plus comes in two sizes, 12 oz and 5 lbs: since the recommended dose is 1 tsp. per 15lbs or 1 tbsp per 45lbs, a 12 oz jar will probably last a 60 lb dog about a month. For comparison purposes, our 3 dogs go through two 5 lb buckets a year ! If you'd like to give it a try you know where to find it !! Here's to no more itchy dogs and lots of good nights sleep !!

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