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Holiday Hazards

With the holidays right around the corner, there are a number of common sense things every pet owner should be mindful of to avoid making unexpected holiday 'presents' to their veterinarian:

  • Most holiday plants ( Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Holly, etc.) are toxic to animals. Keep them out of reach
  • Tinsel and garland can do major intestinal damage if swallowed...skip using these entirely or monitor your pets around the tree
  • Keep wires out of sight to avoid the temptation to chew
  • Use yarn instead of hooks to hang ornaments. Hooks can be swallowed or get stuck in paws or mouths -Don't put chemicals in tree water that pets can get into, and keep the base covered to avoid temptation
  • Don't use ornaments that will shatter into glass/metallic shards when knocked over by a wagging tail or climbing cat. Also avoid small ornaments which can be eaten and cause blockages
  • Some kinds of gift wrap contain small amounts of lead in the ink; avoid letting your pet consume these
  • Watch the table scraps and treats: don't overindulge your pet. Too many different kinds of food will give your dog an upset stomach and diarrhea; too much food will cause obesity
  • When clearing snow, make sure to use pet-safe granules to melt ice, NOT rock salt, etc. as these can cause burns on paws and skin
  • And NEVER give your pet chocolate or alcohol-both are toxic!
  • Enjoy the holidays, but take some precautions to be sure it's a safe one for everyone!

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