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Summer Swimming

"My dog swims alot in the summer, will it bother his skin or ears ?"

Skin and ears are the two most affected areas of the dog in the summer months. Swimming can account for many of these problems, but with a few precautions you can save yourself some veterinary bills !!

Ears - Dog with floppy ears seem to get more ear infections than dogs with the stand up kind. You can help beat the odds by understanding what causes an ear infection and doing what you can to prevent it. Excess water in the ear canal can cause ear problems because it provides a moist environment for yeast infections to develop. Ear infections manifest themselves by lots of excess wax and red irritated skin inside the ear flap. There are several good ear cleaning and ear drying solutions available through your vet which can help clean out debris and dry the ear canal. Using these after each swim will help to prevent the number of ear infections your dog gets this summer. If your dog develops excess wax, redness and is shaking his head alot, see your veterinarian for the proper medication and treatment.

Skin- Dry itchy skin can result form frequent salt water or chlorine swims. Rinsing your dog's coat with tap water can help prevent damage to the skin and coat. Debris and mud from fresh water swims can matt the fur and because this matted fur holds moisture , this can cause irritation. Continuous licking, biting and scratching at this area can create a "hot spot". Dry your dog completley and shave out any matted fur. Ask your vet for topical medications to treat any irritations before your dog does any damage.

With a little input on your part your dog can enjoy a healthy, enjoyable summer- happy swimming !!!

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