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Dog Sports......
Fun things you can do with your dog !!

This section is dedicated to an in depth explanation of a particular dog sport: it's rules, regulations and general requirements. Dog sports are growing in popularity, and are an excellent way to use your dog's natural talents and satisfy his exercise requirements at the same time. They are wonderful for continuing/complementing any training program since each sport requires your dog to understand some basic obedience commands in order to participate. Overall, dog sports are an excellent way to have fun with your dog- which is why you got a dog in the first place isn't it ?!

This month's feature: The sport of dog agility !!

The sport of dog agility is fast paced and fun for both dogs and humans alike . Agility utilizes and expands up on your dog's coordination and flexibility as he negotiates platforms, jumps and various obstacles that he must climb, weave through or jump over. In competition format it is a timed event, the winner being the fastest dog to negotiate the course in an exact order determined by the judges. Dogs absolutely love this sport- even the most timid of dogs learn to be more confident, as they sharpen their skills and learn to negotiate narrow planks and dark tunnels.

Our first class of agility graduates loved watching their dogs go from first night jitters to flying over, around and through obstacles with wild abandon. Many owners of the more confident dogs noticed how much more focused their dogs became when their trainers had them work on slowing down and increasing their precision on each obstacle. Looking at an agility course itself makes one think of the obstacle courses used by police cadets in training. The brightly painted equipment resembles a literal doggie playground.

We offer a 6 week agility course every couple of months, for more information click HERE.

Come join us ! Refreshments and good company provided !!

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