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Breed Spotlight

The Doberman

This breed was developed in Germany in 1860. It is the result of crossings among Great Danes, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and pinchers. The doberman stands between 24-26 inches for females and 26-28 inches for males. It is a sleek, graceful dog with a long narrow head and a flat skull with an accentuated stop. The eyes are dark, the coat is short and thick. The coat color comes in black, dark brown or blue with patches of rust. The doberman must move in a fluid gait contributing to the breeds elegance and grace.

Personality wise the doberman is an energetic mischief maker as a puppy. With proper socialization and training he can be extremely affectionate and easy to live with. Several health problems have become well known with this breed and should be well researched before a puppy is purchased. Because these dogs were bred as guard dogs, careful evaluation of temperment of parents and puppies should be considered. The life span of the doberman varies, due to heart problems and other genetic disease- this breed is not usually a long lived one. The best way to determine this is by purchasing a puppy thorugh a reputable breeder who knows how long the parents, grandparents, etc. have lived. These dogs have a high exercise requirement and can become extremely destructive if not trained and exercised regularly. This is not a sit at home dog. Many doberman lovers have remarked that this dog's personality is still developing at two years old.

This dog needs a patient, energetic owner willing to put the time and money into training socialization and exercise. For those that research carefully and put in the necessary time for training these dogs can be the ultimate of companions.

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