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Canine University Reviews: Clean Run Magazine

Whether you are a beginner or a serious competitor this magazine is packed with useful information. Each issue has lots of ideas and articles written by trainers and competitors familiar with the intricacies of this popular dog sport.

Many of the articles address training problems and give ideas for their solutions that are written by the best people in the field. Article contents range from teaching various handling skills, and contacts to actual course layouts and strategies. There is also a section of plans in each issue for building your own equipment.

Top competitors and trainers share their secrets of success in the interview section where they describe their usually humble beginnings in agility and their latest successes. Overall, I found the magazine very useful in its content and ideas although a true beginner may be somewhat overwhelmed by the volumes of information shared.

There are lots of useful training set ups, sequences and course ideas. This is an excellent way to teach yourself to develop strategy and technique. The course sequences get you thinking about how you would run your dog in a particular layout, for instance the dog on your left or right side or switch sides mid- course.

I enjoyed the publication immensely but it would probably be most useful for someone who was interested in competing at some point. The cost is a bit pricey at $48.00/yr. but for twelve issues that's really only $4.00 an issue which is definitely worth it. If your interested in checking out Clean Run Magazine you can request a single copy for $6.00.

Contact info: Clean Run Magazine 1-800-311-6503 or www.cleanrun.com, the company is located in Chicopee, MA

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