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Puppy Love- Raise Your Dog the Clicker Way by Karen Pryor; $27.00
Available at: Sunshine Books
49 River St
Waltham, MA
Phone Orders- (781) 398-0754
Website: www.clickertraining.com/

Raise Your Dog the Clicker Way is the first of it's kind clicker training video for puppies, introducing them to basic good puppy manners and dealing with all aspects of new puppy ownership. Whether you are a first time dog owner or and experienced pro this video offers tips and strategies for introducing your new pup to gentle handling methods for veterinary and grooming necessities, getting rid of unwanted behavior like jumping up on visitors and even piddling outside.

Karen Pryor, has outdone herself in this wonderful video introduction to clicker training for puppies. In an easy to understand format, the video demonstrates how easy it is to start pups off on the right paw. Lots of different breeds are used to demonstrate how well clicker training works for any dog. Lots of simple exercises to help manage your pups behavior and teach good dog manners.

Footage of puppy classes are shown where some of the basic obedience exercises are taught, like walking without pulling on the leash and come when called. Lots of different people are shown working the pups, showing how gentle this method is and how easy it is to apply by anyone young or old. This video would be an excellent reference for the new or experienced puppy owner, or a great gift from a more experienced dog owner to a newbie. It's gentle, informative, easy to understand and it works !

I wish I had this video years ago! I would highly recommend this video to all new puppy owners, it's a great way to start a new puppy owner off on the right paw.

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