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Required Reading

Start Up Kit for Dogs by Karen Pryor; $16.00
Available at: Sunshine Books
49 River St
Waltham, MA
Phone Orders- (781) 398-0754
Website: www.clickertraining.com/

As many of you may already know Karen Pryor is an authority on clicker training and has written and produced many wonderful books and videos in its application to dog training. Her sense of humor and style make her books and videos among the most popular available and always a good investment.

Start Up Kit for Dogs is no exception. It is an excellent and thorough overview of the basic principles of clicker training in a compact and easy format that should be part of every dog trainer's training bag. Whether you are new to clicker training or have been using it for years, this booklet will act as a bible and reference to remind you of the key rules of clicker training and it's applications.

Many of our clients have given the Start Up Kit for Dogs to friends they've told about clicker training and who want to get started on their own. Some folks have given them to friends or family members who adopt new puppies or shelter dogs or to friends with problems dogs that want to use a gentle, effective method to change their dog's behavior.

The booklet goes through each of the principles of behavior shaping and explains how to get things started, how to make behavior progress toward a goal and how to maintain that behavior. If you are unsure yourself that you understand all the rules of clicker training or want a reference for your own training, you may want to add this booklet to your training library.

Karen Pryor is a behavioral scientist who is responsible for applying the science of operant conditioning to dog training. Because of her talents we have a gentle dog training method that works for any dog, any handler and has saved many, many dogs from the shelter or euthanization.

I know myself since changing over to using clicker training in all of our classes how many more dogs we have been able to help. Dogs who would have never responded to other methods with the enthusiasm and zest that they display for their owners in our classes. We have also saved many dogs from euthanasia using clicker training to teach them more quickly, more gently and more permanently more appropriate doggie manners.

Share this wonderful training method with a friend, send them the clicker training kit for the holiday, a birthday or a welcome puppy gift ! The clicker kit comes with the clicker training manual, 2 clickers and a sample pouch of treats. Get a friend to start clicking today !

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