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Bow Wow Take 2: Clever Tricks and Advanced Skills
Available at: Sunshine Books
49 River St
Waltham, MA
Phone Orders- (781) 398-0754
Website: www.clickertraining.com/

For those of you looking for a fun alternative to regular old obedience, Bow Wow Take 2 is one of the best trick videos out there. The tricks are sophisticated and impressive yet relatively easy to teach with the right amount of persistence and practice. Who doesn't want to show off their dog to company by having him fetch a beer from the fridge, throw the trash in the bucket, find your keys, or turn off the lights.

Bow Wow Take 2 delivers an entertaining and informative video designed to make your dog a star. The step by step approach to teaching tricks using a clicker is easy to follow and simple to understand. Each trick is reviewed, the steps are listed and in some cases slowed down to show you each detail. Helpful troubleshooting ideas are also included. The dogs used vary in size, breed and age making it easy to see that any dog can learn these fun and functional tricks.

The tricks covered in the video include: cross your paws, turning the television on/off, turning the lights on/off, teaching your dog to retrieve anything you point to, cleaning up and putting away toys, throwing away trash, getting a drink from the fridge, scent discrimination, and crawling. The video's style is fun (even if at times a little silly)...overall, good solid training information predominates.

Anyone wanting to have a little more fun with their canine pal should watch this video. If you enjoy this video you may want to also get the first, companion video Take a Bow Wow which covers more basic tricks in the same simple, easy to understand style.

If you are interested in teaching your dog unique and creative tricks consider taking our 4-week Strictly Tricks class that we are offering this fall. The class will be held on Tuesdays beginning September 28 (7:30-8:30pm) and promises to be a great experience for both you and your dog. Come join us to expand upon your training skills and have fun with your dog. Class size is limited and filling quickly, so call or email us to register today

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