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Required Reading

The Culture Clash
Author: By Jean Donaldson
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  • This book will change the way you look at dogs and dog training. The author is a known authority on the subject of dog aggression and has a unique approach to solving complex behavioral problems involving aggression.

    She refers to the Disney view of dogs as a detriment to survival of dogs as a species. She looks at behavior problems as behavior we as humans have inadvertently cultivated and then become appalled when our dogs act in a way we have rewarded.

    She says that we treat our dogs as though they were human and then kill them when they act like dogs. Dogs who are spoiled and babied and are never asked to do anything eventually revert to growling, snapping and biting to get what they want. Their owners are shocked at their dogs behavior and in some cases the dog pays with his life.

    This book will get you off the couch to train our dog. It will convince you that though we can love our dogs as much as we love our children it is a disservice to their uniqueness to not acknowledge that they are dogs first.

    Jean Donaldson has a frankness and a sense of humor that some may find a bit abrasive. She'll make you angry and sad at times but you'll come away from this book with a better appreciation of dogs as a separate species. She gives excellent advice on how to teach your dog to behave in a way that's acceptable to you. Towards the second half of the book you'll find excellent step by step instruction on how to teach your dog to come, stay, etc.

    Though this book is a book about training your dog, it's best feature is it's frankness about doing our part in our relationships with dogs. This book is a must read for anyone who owns and loves a dog and an excellent wake up call for anyone dealing with dog aggression or behavior problems.

    Copies can be ordered through Barnes & Noble, Border Books or Amazon.com on the internet.

    Also to check out Jean Donaldson's website click HERE.

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