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Required Reading

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right
Author: Krista Cantrell
Softcover $15.95
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  • How many of us actually talk to our dogs when they are doing something good (like lying quietly on the floor next to us) instead of waiting until they've doing something inappropriate (like poking their heads into the trash or nosing around the dinner table) and screaming at them like a banshee.

    It is a flaw of us as humans to pick out what is not right about a situation instead of rewarding and praising the things that are right. This book has a very unique approach to the subject of dog training and I found it to be an excellent resource. It's approach to training is holistic in that it covers not only what the dog is doing (good or bad) but why the dog is doing it and what we can do to change it if we so desire.

    Krista Cantrell talks about exercising the dogs mind as well as his body so that we can make real progress with behavioral issues instead of just covering them up with threats and praying that the dog will stop.

    At first this may seem a little too new age for us old traditionalists but really what we are talking about here is providing a stimulating, secure and loving environment in which to learn. I have always believed you can literally drive a dog insane by not providing an adequate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation. I have seen animals give up on interaction with humans because they have spent their lives in a cage or chained to a tree in the backyard. Without the opportunity for meaningful interaction with humans and other dogs a dog can not be "normal" nor can he reach the full potential he was intended to achieve.

    I like how this book is set up in easily digestible chapters which give examples of real people with real dog problems. The author touches upon some of the most common behavior problems like running through doorways and not coming back when called and the misconceptions people have about why their dog behaves that way.

    This is a book about teaching your dog how to think ! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand more about dogs, how they think, how they learn and what you can do to make life more enjoyable for them. Don't miss it

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