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Required Reading

Animals as Teachers and Healers
Author: Susan Chernak McElroy
Hardcover: $18.95
Available at:
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  • Animals are the best part of life for me and I feel fortunate to work in a profession where I spend all day every day doing something I love. I saw a quote lately that read "please God let me be the person my dog thinks I am."

    Our dogs have a way of bringing out the best in us by loving us fat or thin, rich or poor, bad mood or good mood. They forgive us when we're stupid, think all of our ideas are great and are content to be with us no matter if we live in a mansion or a cardboard box. They help us to enjoy life, laugh often and not take ourselves too seriously.

    Animals as Teachers and Healers is a delightful book about the many ways that our animal companions influence our lives. There are wonderful stories of the love and support offered by animals to people who are coping with the stresses of life, illness, death, abuse, etc. The author has a knack for bringing tears to your eyes just when you thought you had life all figured out. It is wonderfully written in an easy to read format that flows easily from one incredible story to the next. The importance and strength of the human/animal bond is evident throughout.

    Animals have so much to teach us abut life, if we'd just take the time to listen. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever truly loved an animal!

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